Sisters Of The Season - Sharing The Bounties of Soil & Artisans
The Legend of the Three Sisters
      The Iroquois believe that Corn, Squash, and Beans are three precious gifts provided from the Great Spirit, watched over by three Sister Spirits called the
      There are a number of stories that explain the origin of the relationship of the sister spirits and the crops, but all are meant to explain their dependence on each other to thrive, and the dependence we have on the nutrition each crop provides.
      The method commonly practiced by many Native American peoples is to plant the three crops together .
       Just as the beans rely on the corn stalks as a climbing pole, and they rely on the spiny squash plants to help deter predators. The corn and squash benefit from the nitrogen the beans provide to the soil.  The corn is benefited from added stability the bean vines provide. The cooperation seen between these three crops is a good example of the interdependence seen throughout nature.
      For consumers of these crops, the nutrition provided by all three is much more diverse and beneficial than from them as individuals. 
      As Women, we nurture, thrive, and depend on one another...we are each others strength..and need to take the time to Celebrate as Sisters!
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